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We are passionate about people and we believe that we can build a better world of work if we unleash their potential, in order to evolve and transcend.

Talentlab ®

At Talentlab ® we unleash the potential of people and organizations through Human Capital strategies and solutions, tailored to your needs.


Diagnósticos de capital humano

Advanced diagnostics

Understand the condition of where your organization or a group is today to take the right actions. We use advanced tools to measure factors such as commitment, leadership, work environment, performance, diversity, change agility, among others..

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Estrategia de capital humano

Human Capital Strategy

We create Human Capital strategies and programs focused on culture and talent so that your organization achieves its goals.

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Desarrollo de talento

Learning experiences

Through high-impact experiences we release the potential of people and teams. We deliver learning sessions, development and leadership programs, coaching, team building experiences, etc.

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Gestión del cambio

Change management

With our MAAC® model (Accelerated Adoption of Change Model), we manage the human side of change, helping people make successful personal transitions and achieve the results that the business requires

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Assess your talent with the best tailored online tests. It measures psychometrics, skills and competencies to select and develop talent, identify training needs or certify.

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Evaluaciones 360

360° Assessments

Would you like an integral and objective evaluation of a coworker's, teams, or organization’s performance or skills? 360® is useful, friendly and accessible. It can also be 100% customized based on your needs.

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Diversidad e inclusión


We are committed to the development of values, practices and policies that promote equity in organizations.

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Flexibilidad laboral


We help you implement work flexibility programs that increase the productivity and commitment of your teams to deliver superior results.

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Evaluación de capital humano


Make accurate decisions with an in-depth knowledge of your collaborators or candidates, comparing them to an ideal profile. We apply different tools and methodologies to have a comprehensive evaluation of people skills and potential.

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Where there is conversation, there is learning. Our social learning platform enables collaboration in a fun way. Through different online and face-to-face elements, we introduce neuroscience concepts, making learning process easier.

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What our clients say about us

I loved working with you. Great professionalism and excellent customer service. Something differentiating that characterizes them from other suppliers is the constant and close communication they had with us, which generates a lot of confidence to want to continue working with you. They were the missing piece to have a successful result. Thank you for the quality and provision.

Instituto Federal de Comunicaciones (IFT)
Chief Human Capital Officer

They have a robust methodology that has allowed them to take us by the hand from the diagnosis, the establishment of the vision, the strategy to follow, the design of solutions and all the change management and implementation of actions with our employees... today, two years after starting, everything has improved, proven with the metrics: leadership, climate, rotation and the effectiveness of our work... without a doubt, they have been the perfect partners in this great transformation.


We have worked for more than 5 years together transforming our global organization, with more than 30 universities and more than 70,000 employees. From our operational framework, competencies, the way we manage our talent, development programs, mentoring, business partnering, positive leadership... it has been an impressive transformation. Talentlab® has taken us by the hand on that path, with a great capacity of response and adjustment to our specific needs, giving a good follow-up to the strategies to ensure execution.

Laureate International Universities
Human Resources Global SVP

Our collaborators were happy with the presentation they made with us. The expertise, the knowledge, the stage management, the materials and the speech was the best. They were able to understand our needs and build a proposal that was perfectly adapted to our needs. Thank you!

Pernod Ricard
Human Resources

Great experience. I like the flexibility to implement in a modular way, they can adjust to our needs.

Human Resources

I found the diagnosis to be really good and together we came up with an action plan. We feel their accompaniment as key and strategic allies of our business. Excellent service attitude.

Human Resources

They are great strategic partners for us, they do impactful things and exceed expectations.

Grupo Posadas
Human Resources

They have been excellent partners in making the necessary transformation in the company. They are "experts in action", they are part of the team, they are committed to our results and we are on target together.

Cementos Moctezuma
Gerardo Gonzalez - HR Director

Talentlab® is a true ally: it listens, feels and connects with the organization's momentum to generate impact.

Lilia Hernandez, HR Global Director

Talentlab® is part of our company, they accompany us and guide us in the different needs that arise along the way. We appreciate their innovative vision that understands the needs we present and they have taken the time to get to know us and design customized solutions. It is a pleasure to work with you!


They solved a need in half the time of the other vendors and the level of deliverables was very good and, above all, the willingness of their consultants was outstanding in all interactions.

Banco Azteca

For me it is very important that when a supplier or consultant offers their services, they comply with the agreement, being consistent between what they say and what they do. Talentlab® was consistent with what they promised us, so I feel very comfortable to work with a provider that delivers what it says.


The Talentlab Team

"Our mission focuses not just on mobilizing people within an organization to meet their goals, but in doing it better than anybody else."

Paola Carranco
Founder Director
Viviana Hurtado
CEO Colombia
Vanessa Garavito
CEO México
Roberto Hernández
Financial and administrative Director
Lorena Hurtado
Business Partner - Grouper
Patricia Lara
Business Partner - Grouper
María Laura Balassanian
Business Partner - Grouper
Ana Paula Gómez
Business Partner
Enrique Lemus
BP & Designer
Cristina López
Business Partner
Ana Luisa Limón
Laura Rubio
Cecilia Pulido
Coach - Trainer
Mariana Álvarez
Business Partner
Lorena Blanco
Business Partner
Eliana Betancourt
Business Partner
Joaquín Salazar
Coach - Trainer
Mónica Escartín
Business Partner
Ana Paola Gil
Business Partner
Erika Gutiérrez
Business Partner
Juliana Vallejo
Business Partner
Amaya Grünberger
Business Partner
Gabriela González
Business Partner
Luz Helena Ordonez
Business Partner
Jessica Sá Rodrigues
Business Partner
Anayanzi Valencia
Business Partner
Alberto Carranco
Business Partner
María José Calvete
Business Partner
Rodrigo Hudtwalcker
Business Partner
Katherine Henker
Business Partner
Catalina Henao
Administration Andina
Juan Pablo Flores
Nathalia Mejia Upegui
Business Partner
Valeria Díaz
Business Partner
Carolina Luque
Business Partner
Diana Prieto
Business Partner
Eliana Alzate
Business Partner
Luis Sanabria
Business Partner
Claudia Guzmán
Business Partner
Lizeth Castillo
Business Partner
Michael Rodríguez
Business Partner
Diana Pérez
Business Partner
Mónica Barrera
Business Partner
Jenifer Tobón
Jorge Palafox
Business Partner
Angélica Cortés
Business Partner
Sandra Vázquez
Foro Incluye - Diversidad e Inclusión

We preside INCLUYE - A forum for Diversity and Inclusion created by companies that want to generate a movement, a social transformation for a better Diversity and Inclusion.

employees represented
Visit the INcluye web site →

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