Agile Change Management

We manage the human side of change, helping people to successfully transition and achieve the results that your organization requires.

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Accelerated Adoption of Change Model (MAAC®)

Through our Accelerated Adoption of Change Model (MAAC®), we implement a set of processes, tools and techniques that manage the human side of change, helping people to successfully transition to achieve the results required by the organization.

We handle the human side of change

Organizations today live a constant demand for evolution and change, but how do we live it? What is the material and emotional cost of these transitions? Have you experienced any of these situations?

  • Collaborators who do not adapt to change.
  • The organization's performance is impacted by turnover, brain drain, duplication of work, wrong decisions, etc.
  • Resistance makes it more difficult, time consuming and painful.
  • The process is lengthened due to the absence of a shared sense of urgency.
  • There is an air of uncertainty due to a lack of clarity of vision.
  • There are no short and long-term profits due to lack of planning.
  • Change is not sustained or anchored in the culture.

At Talentlab® we help you define a clear strategy that prepares you to manage or avoid these experiences.

We have integral programs focused on the organization and people centric to assure a successful change. Our AACM® model includes the development and implementation of strategies that minimize the impact and resistance in people by influencing their attitudes and behaviors.

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Experience with change

We have worked with different types of change, from a change of offices to the acquisition or spin off of companies, from a change of leadership to the implementation of new processes and technologies.

Each organization is different, and our change management strategies are just as different. That is why we develop the highest quality deliverable, such as:

  • Definition of the current status and future vision
  • Internal talent and personnel movement mapping
  • Communications plan
  • Detect training needs and training plan
  • Detect agents of change
  • Resistance to change plan
  • Reinforcement and adoption plan
  • Measurement - Realignment - Reinforcement

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